John Dollarhyde


Thanks for visiting my website and checking out my work.  Being behind the camera is one of my passions.  I have plenty of interests, but this is a passion. 

As a communal medium and profession, photography is fueled by other concepts, images, and the creative energies of those who produce it.  I develop my concepts by the books I read, the images, I see, and the people I meet.  Props and locations are important to me.  The teams I work with are important to me.  These elements carve the road towards making that image; they help me capture the creatures creeping in the hallways of my mind.  As you can tell, there are a lot of flowers and fluffy bunnies in my work.

I love talking about photography, I love teaching and mentoring when it comes to photography.  The purpose of this website is to give you a better understanding where I am coming.  I hope to inspire you, I hope to draw you insofar as to compel you to chase your own vision and to drive you to create.   

If you have comments about my work, interests in collaborating, or seeking services, please reach out and contact me.  I like to meet new people, especially if they are crazy.  I find that this community has a lot of brilliant and crazy, but talented people.  I love it and love being a part of it.  


2012 Black and White Photography Magazine - Portfolio award

2013 Black and White Photography Magazine - 4 x Single awards

Shows and Events

2012 – New York - Rochester Erotic Arts Festival Art Showing

2015 – Maryland - Evident: The Studio Murder Exhibition 

2015 - Maryland - Portraits